Resolution Time: How to Create a Stronger Brand Identity in 2018


While the phrase ‘new year, new me’ is overused in basically every New Years Eve-related post, the meaning of it resonates with businesses looking for a fresh start in the coming year. There is no better time to reevaluate past marketing campaigns, set new goals, and create a new strategy than the start of a new year.

One marketing goal that should make the top of your list is creating a stronger brand identity. Doing so will allow your brand to stand out among competitors and build a stronger relationship between you and your customers. In order to accomplish this goal, it is important to do the following:

1.) Re-evaluate Core Competencies: In order to better market your organization, it is critical to discover what makes your brand unique. Organizations should reflect on what distinguishes their business by doing the following:

  • Review the mission statement to identify core values and purpose

  • Customer feedback to find most important qualities in products

  • Evaluate competitors products to see how you are different               

Identifying what makes your business unique will shape future marketing campaigns and the reputation of your organization. In the New Year, take time to make this attribute synonymous with your brand. This will differentiate your brand from competitors and give customers a better idea of what you will offer them.

For example, Apple is a brand that thrives on fortifying their core mission to produce innovative products. Apple’s campaign to think different captured the attention of the public and turned the concept into a lifestyle rather than just an advertising slogan. Through this campaign and branding, they have remained true to the values created by founder Steve Jobs and enhanced their reputation.  


2.) Consistent Posting Schedule: Another idea to build a stronger brand identity is to create a consistent posting schedule to stay on the radar of consumers. It is important to put out material that is in line with your core competency identified in the previous tip. Consistent social media posting creates depth in your organization and allows you to interact with consumers who have similar, sympathetic interests. You can share related industry news or even interesting articles that will entertain your target market. It also creates a personality for your brand that people can relate to and share with friends and family.                                                                                                                                                                                      An example of a company employing this approach is Starbucks, who post regularly on Twitter with tweets mentioning featured menu items and content for anyone who loves coffee. Not only do they feature a story about Nick Jonas buying coffee and singing for fans in a Starbucks location; they also offer a fun announcement about national Hot Cocoa Day to draw attention back to their products.  By remaining up-to-date with current events and trends - and incorporating them into your posting -  your business remains relevant for consumers.  

3.) Conversation with Customers: In addition to consistent posting, it is critical to interact with customers to create a personal connection and show your personality. Creating an identity for your organization goes beyond just pictures and videos you share; it also extends to interactions with customers using your products or services.  Through this type of communication, you can dramatically change how people view your company based on how you respond to their experiences.

For example, Jet Blue responds to seemingly every tweet they are tagged in. In each interaction, JetBlue provides a friendly response to demonstrate that the company values each and every mention from their customers. Building this kind of reputation increases JetBlue’s brand loyalty and further promotes their brand as a customer-friendly airline service. Thankfully, in our digital era, responding to every customer is an actual possibility and can be done with relative ease. JetBlue takes advantage of this and their reputation (and business) measurably improves as a result.

From everyone on the Conscious Collaborative Team, we are wishing you a Happy New Year and a successful 2018 marketing campaign! For additional articles, check out our blog, where we discuss various marketing ideas to offer you support. If you need help elevating your next campaign, Our team is also available to provide a full range of services.