Podcasts: What Should You Be Listening To?

Podcasts never offer useful information or ideas for professionals, right? Alas, you are mistaken. While there are a wide range of podcasts intended solely for entertainment, (launched by Bachelor stars and YouTubers alike), there are plenty that can actually help you succeed as a marketer. If you are stuck creating a new marketing campaign or revamping your current strategy, listening to a 30-minute podcast can provide you with new inspiration and get you back on track. If you are looking to dip your toe into the world of podcasts, here are eight of our personal favorites...


5-Minute Marketing: Brian Moran, a marketing guru and co-founder of SamCart, shares daily advice to listeners looking to advance their organization. This podcast is noteworthy because he gives this advice in under 10 minutes, allowing it to fit into any busy schedule. His topics vary from how to be more productive to his advice on ideal hiring techniques.

Favorite Episode? “Why People Aren’t Buying”: This episode jumps into the common question of how to sell more and goes beyond the most common business approaches.

Ctrl Alt Delete: While this podcast is not specifically a marketing podcast, it does delve into a realm of topics that are important to the business world. Emma Gannon, author of Ctrl, Alt, Delete: How I Grew Up and Stayed Sane Online, explores different topics such as the digital world, creativity, feminism, and careers.

Favorite Episode? “Zoella - Talking Internet Fame & Being Your Own Boss”: In this episode, Emma talks with top Influencer Zoe Suggs, better known on the Internet as Zoella. She discusses her career and how she was able to wear multiple hats to create her own brand by the age of 25. This is an inspiring podcast in which listeners are reminded of the value of hard work and encouraged to pursue a career they passionately enjoy.

How I Built This with Guy Raz: In this podcast, Guy Raz interviews the founders of the most successful companies in the world. From a marketer's perspective, learning how these businesses were able to grow to where they are now is inspiring, as it offers a real world example of how everyday people were able to do it.


Favorite Episode? “Patagonia- Yvon Chouinard”: In this episode, Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard gives listeners a different feel for business. He discusses the ethical side of his corporation beyond just working towards making the largest profit. This is an eye-opening interview in which Chouinard discusses the creation of products and how he was able to learn the ins and outs of operating and managing a large company.

The Goal Digger Podcast: Host Jenna Kutcher is an expert online marketer and shares advice for anybody looking to accomplish their goals. She explores topics related to productivity and how to manage social media properly.

Favorite Episode? “5 Ways to Boost Productivity Working from Home”: In this quick bonus episode, Jenna discusses simple tips to make the most of your time while working at home. She shares real-life examples of how she was able to succeed while running her business from the comfort of her own home and tells her story in a down-to-Earth, relatable way.

Copyblogger FM: Sonia Simone, who is a founding partner of Copyblogger Media, talks about all issues related to content marketing. She meets with fellow experts and analyzes the latest trends that could change up your current techniques.


Favorite Episode? “Storytelling for Modern Content Marketing”: In this episode, host Sonia Simone interviews Shane Snow and Joe Lazauskas of Contently, creators of an online tool that helps you generate amazing stories and content for organizations. For a marketer looking to create great content, this podcast discusses the power of good storytelling and how to use it to achieve your business’ aims.

The Science of Social Media: This podcast shares details about every aspect of social media, as well as other related marketing tips that will help you succeed. This podcast is ideal for someone trying to learn the ins and outs of different social media trends and works to make it useful for every industry.

Favorite Episode? “Habits of Successful Marketers, the Science of Confidence in Leadership, Why We’re Always Learning & More”: If you’ve ever wanted to know more about what makes somebody successful, this is the episode for you. It is interesting to know what qualities can set someone apart as a marketer and what you can work on to enhance your career.

Marketing Smarts from MarketingProfs: This podcast looks to provide real-life examples and advice for working professionals. The hosts dive into the world of business from a marketing perspective and look at different issues like how to create quality content and establish a lasting presence on social media networks.

Favorite Episode? “Humor in Marketing- Marketoonist Tom Fishburne”: This episode explores the power of comedy in marketing, a quality often overlooked. It also makes the listener reconsider cartoons and how they can potentially contribute to an organization’s next marketing campaign.

Duct Tape Marketing: John Jantsch, a speaker, author, and marketing consultant, interviews other professionals to discuss issues related to the business world. Each interview takes on a new perspective and shares factual stories and secrets that have worked for each guest.

Favorite Episode?  “Be a Better Marketer by Finding Out What People Actually Want”: On this episode, guest Ryan Levesque, marketing expert and author of Ask, answers vital questions regarding how a marketer can locate their target market is and how to analyze them to determine what they want on an ongoing basis.

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