Springtime Sustainability: A Glance at Pittsburgh’s Climate

Although Pittsburgh has had some rather peculiar weather as of late, it is indeed springtime. Speaking of sunshine and flowers, I think it’s a good time of the year to highlight the importance of sustainability. This increasingly critical term has become more and more relevant to individuals and organizations. At Conscious Collaborative, we are glad to see that there are so many organizations dedicated to making the world a healthier place, community by community.

Pittsburgh Sustainability Organizations:


Since 1998, Sustainable Pittsburgh has been one of those organizations. They assist with communities, businesses, and restaurants by helping them to implement sustainable practices. Another way Sustainable Pittsburgh helps out is by providing assessments for individual businesses, identifying the specific ways in which that organization can save money through resource conservation.  But, that’s not all that this organization does to bring sustainability to Western Pennsylvania. Champions for Sustainability, a program launched by Sustainable Pittsburgh, was created around ten years ago to connect with various companies, aiming to further advance the uses of sustainable practices.


Another nonprofit, Grow Pittsburgh was established with the soul purpose of creating opportunities to build community self-sufficiency. Their mission is to teach and endorse neighborhood gardening and efficient use of available resources in the area. Grow Pittsburgh shows how agriculture and sustainability go hand in hand. They provide free pesticides and locally-grown food for people who may not have access to these goods. As the name suggests, Grow Pittsburgh has several community gardens, but if you have a green thumb, they also sell saplings and produce!

Since we’re on the topic of nonprofits, The Green Building Alliance (GBA) is striving to push Western Pennsylvania towards sustainability. With a 20-year plan, they have already made sustainable building practices a new norm for many businesses and organizations in Pennsylvania. The GBA meets with their partners to find specific ways that those partners can be more sustainable. Their goal is to reconstruct older buildings and build anew, with sustainability in mind. Over 1,200 members have joined The Green Building Alliance to advance the way that we build our buildings.

Sustainability in Practice

Along with the clear environmental benefits, there are also indirect ways that sustainability can profit your business. Consider the potential opportunity of an abandoned building. Using the capital that already exists will save time and money, as well as bring beauty and (potentially) more consumers to the surrounding area. Not doing so would be a waste of space, so why not take the chance? Not to mention, if you’re already increasing foot traffic, letting your consumers see you helping and caring about their community would elevate your reputation. A positive reputation can also bring more employees your way, growing your business.


The Green Building Alliance, and other similar organizations, exist for businesses that are looking to find partners in sustainability. You can partner with the GBA and work to make your spaces even more eco-friendly.

There are some actions that you can take right now that can help bring your organization steps closer to being sustainable.

  • Place recycling bins throughout your business
  • Go paperless
  • Consider using refillable ink pens
  • Get your printer cartridges refilled instead of buying new ones
  • Use energy efficient lighting
  • Use renewable energy throughout your workspaces

Sustainability isn’t just a fad that popped up on Facebook that we’ll forget about in a month. It’s a way that everyone on this planet can participate to help repair the damage that has clearly been done. Sustainability is a lifestyle. Not only does it help the planet, but it can bring an entire neighborhood together, helping it thrive. Normalizing this lifestyle is an important stepping stone in ensuring the safety of our Earth as well as ourselves, the human race.


We at Conscious Collaborative have hopes that, with everyone’s help the future will be brighter and safer for everyone. We continue to support and communicate the importance of protecting and saving our environment, as we collaborate with other organizations that share our values.

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