Develop and Sustain Lasting Relationships with Your Audience

What is the key to a successful organization? People. For any type of organization, reaching and maintaining a strong connection with its audience is crucial. There are several obvious tools you can use to measure the success of your company, its products and services. You can monitor your website numbers to see if they’re on the rise, or obsessively visit your social media profiles hundreds of times a day to ensure that you are engaging with your customer base digitally. But do these actions actually impact your target audience? And, more importantly, are you and your organization providing your existing and potential followers with the tools, resources, and care that they deserve?


In order to build a lasting relationship between your organization and potential clients, you must prioritize one element in your marketing: the connection that you establish and maintain with your clients. Whether it’s making sure that you personalize an email or showing appreciation for a person’s continued patronage, the end goals should always be the same: providing a unique, tailored service that attends to all of the client’s needs and showing the human side of your organization. Creating a customer-centric organization is your aim, and you can do that in a subtle, non-patronizing way by showing your organization’s dedication to the small details and gestures that prove your personal investment in each client.

Understanding How to Engage with Your Clients

Knowing how to engage in a meaningful way requires more than just customer service, and more than just phone calls and tracking data. What it’s really about is creating intelligent and individualized client interaction. To understand your audience’s wants, you also have to understand the best ways to communicate with them. Each organization should, ideally, possess a unique voice, style, and aesthetic that appeals to (and is compatible with) its target audience. Without deliberately creating and sustaining the voice of your organization, public and private messaging suffers from a lack of consistency.

Recognizing which social platforms or communication tools your audience prefers is another crucial step. For example, if your primary client base is young people between the ages of 20-35, launching an extensive Facebook campaign (to the exclusion of an Instagram one) is an obvious misstep. Whether it’s email, in-person meetings, or hand-written cards, every client is different and deserves a personalized approach.

Long-Term Communication Plans

When choosing the way your organization reaches out to an audience, remember to plan for the future. You need to regularly engage with your audience, but you also need to brainstorm, plan, and set future initiatives in motion. Some of these initiatives should be lasting, long-term strategies that attempt to anticipate your clients’ future desires and needs, whether they’re based on the ongoing development of the company, seasonal changes, or updates in your specific field or industry. Understanding is half the battle, so dedicating some time to anticipating your clients’ needs or interests several months “down the road” can make a measurable difference and make your marketing plan more cohesive.


Walk In Their Shoes

Lastly, always try to understand your client base by putting yourself in their shoes. It’s easy to feel excited about your own marketing ideas or core organizational aims, but how do they translate to a more objective observer or audience? Sometimes, simply requesting third-party input (a kind of informal focus group) to give you feedback on your efforts, your aesthetic, etc. can make a significant difference.


Whatever way you choose to make your organization’s projects and engagement count, remember that there are innumerable “faceless” tools and services available help you engage with your clients. You can crunch numbers, build high-volume sites, and develop what seems like a self-sustaining marketing effort. To believe this, however, is misguided; the thing that can set you apart from other similar or competing organizations is your ability to not only understand your clients, but to engage with them in an approachable, personalized way that synchronizes with their own values and priorities as human beings.

At Conscious Collaborative, this is the strategy and ethos we embrace with every organization and individual client with whom we collaborate. We offer a wide variety of services: digital marketing, website building, mobile app development, public relations and more. Most importantly, we stress the value of building lasting relationships between organizations and their followers, ensuring that we work with people whose causes are just as strong, fair, and meaningful as the values we stand upon.