Building Communities: What's It All About?

What is Community?

At Conscious Collaborative, our community includes those individuals and organizations who are willing to give a helping hand, seek collaboration, support each other,  and show compassion - in a concrete way - on a daily basis. Participating in a community can bring a kind of acceptance that nearly every individual and business desires. Unfortunately, we have seen how our continually tech-centered and fast-moving world has facilitated more and more of what Aristotle calls “relationships of utility,” so-called “connections” estranged from feelings of mutual respect and a shared sense of contributing some greater good to society.


Stay Active in YOUR Community

Being active in your community creates something tangible from which everyone can benefit. Communities provide resources and opportunities for both organizations and individuals to talk, build, and collaborate in a shared space and with a shared goal, or set of goals.  Expression of thoughts, innovative ideas, and feelings is essential to functioning in a meaningful way within your society. One of the easiest ways to be a part of your community is to find your local community centers, think tanks, and/or creative centers and participate in local events.

Pittsburgh Community Organizations

Pittsburgh is a city that encourages restoration and understanding among community members. Our culturally-rich and diverse home harbors many organizations and community members who take the notion of “community building” seriously.


Here are a few Pittsburgh organizations that have dedicated themselves to facilitating community relationship building:

A Pittsburgh charitable organization, Union Project, believes in bringing “... diverse people together and restoring community.” You can check out their community calendar to see what events they are facilitating on a daily basis. There are a number of programs and events for adults and children that have been designed to incorporate art and creativity within the community.

Understanding that we all inhabit a shared planet and environment is a stepping stone towards paying attention to what we are doing to it. The Frick Environmental Center gives people the chance to take that step. They encourage locals to explore and understand Pittsburgh's natural settings by becoming “one with nature,” so to speak. Demonstrating proper trash and compost disposal, recycling habits, as well as how to live in a way that is more sustainable for the Earth, the Frick Environmental Center teaches environmentally-aware adults to be even more conscientious in their own homes and communities. Additionally, the Center’s “Nature School” provides thoughtful programming for 3-5 year olds, as well as older students, all of whom can benefit from establishing an early connection with nature.


Offering multiple locations, and with separate events at each location, the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh makes it easy to attend a free yoga class in East Liberty, take Japanese lessons at the main branch in Oakland, or enjoy themed events like “Wacky Wednesdays” in Brookline. And this is just a minute sampling of what’s available. Each week, you can expect some interesting event unfolding at your local library. Do yourself a favor and try out a class or activity: a tremendous opportunity to connect with other local residents, advance your education, or simply broaden your perspective on the world. (Fun fact: if you look at all of the Carnegie Library locations on a map, they form the shape of a heart).

Community Comes Down to YOU

You may not realize it, but there are multiple communities that you can connect with every day. Whether it’s your local neighborhood, your family, your friends, common interest groups, work, etc.

Being a diligent member of your community isn’t just for the youngsters. It’s important for people of all ages to engage with their community. A simple thing such as going to a few local events a month can make a huge difference. It can give an individual or family an increased sense of belonging and a heightened awareness of their interconnectedness with other residents of their community.
At Conscious Collaborative, we believe that a willing person never stops striving to gain not just information, but wisdom and understanding for the people and things surrounding them. If you want to be more active in your community, or learn about more Pittsburgh nonprofits, please check out our recent  blog on sustainability. And, if you like the way we think and approach our own work, please contact us to discuss a potential collaboration.