Email Marketing, Why You Shouldn’t Forget It

There was once a time when sending a simple thank-you card to your donors or customers was a strong way to show your appreciation for their support and to strengthen their loyalty to your organization’s cause. It was a big, personal gesture, something to stick on the fridge and keep forever. But now, the game has changed, and if your organization has “missed the boat” you might want to rethink how you’re approaching your communication.


In the world of branding, marketing, and building cause-oriented awareness, there are a million tools to use, but what’s the one tool that everyone forgets to mention? Email marketing. And here’s how it can help your organization.

Whether you’re trying to promote an upcoming fundraiser, generate turn out for an event, or even raise awareness of your brand, email marketing is key. While not as quick and easy as some of the other digital tools out there, emails can still make-or-break the overall success of your organization.

Show the Love

First, consider that email marketing is making a statement all by itself. Instead of sending a blast on social media, where people may or may not stop scrolling to see your post, email promotion can be a more tailored approach to reaching your supporters. Sometimes it’s less about what you say and is more about how you say it. With email marketing, you can segment your clients into different groups to create even more personalized and specific content for your readers. By embedding video, web page links, and more, you can create a brand experience that gives readers insights into your organization’s culture.

Building relationships with customers is the most important component to success and longevity, regardless of what business or cause your organization supports. In the case of networking, email blasts can actually help your business connect with new clients, or  you can even reconnect with clients and programs that have partnered with your organization in the past.

Words Mean A Lot

With a quick email blast or newsletter, your organization has the ability to make sure that your client base is “in the know.”  In other words, it’s not just a picture that pops up and then vanishes within the next refresh. Emails can say SO MUCH MORE. You can address each customer individually and send a sign off. With the ability to send mass amounts of highly-personalized emails to clients, you can gain more loyalty from your current supporters and encourage them to share your information with others through digital mediums, which are fast and free!


It Doesn’t Have to Feel Needy

When sending an email, readers know that the organization or individual who crafted the email took the time to make sure that they are showing appreciation for their supporters. The sense of solidarity that email marketing can create is strong, so, although readers may know that a particular email has likely been sent to numerous people, that doesn’t change the intention. As a nonprofit or charity organization, asking for volunteers and donations directly within your emails can come across much less “needy” than it would in a piece of paper mail. Studies have shown that email marketing can create such a strong sense of connection among consumers and supporters that when they know that other people on an email list are reading the same calls-for-action at the same time, they are more likely to react to that call.

Overall, email marketing requires a little more work that most social media marketing strategies, but the strength that you can build behind a well-planned email campaign can be significant and is well worth the effort. At Conscious Collaborative, our writers and designers work together to create email campaigns that are creative and impactful. Learn more about all of our services and get in touch with our team today!