Going Green in 412: Something for Everyone

It’s never been more important to go green, and the more that you understand about what you can do to join the movement, the easier it is to transition to a cleaner lifestyle.

But, getting started can be half the battle. Thankfully, all around Pittsburgh there are about a hundred and one organizations and services to help you navigate and manage an eco-friendly lifestyle. In this article, we highlight some organizations that help Pittsburghers “go green.” This summer you can take advantage of what the Steel City has to offer.

Ride Your Bike in the ‘Burgh


Looking for an easier, faster way to get around the city? Sometimes, your feet can only take you so far, and that’s where BikePGH comes in. This growing organization provides information about cycling safety, news, and community information. If you want to reduce your carbon footprint, consider joining their community of animated cyclists, weekend warriors, and leisure riders.

Reuse and Revamp Your Style

For those of you who are looking for a little more style in your apartment or in your wardrobe, check out these businesses that reuse materials and clothing, right here in the city. Not only are these places fun to explore, but they are fun for environment too!

Construction Junction is a favorite destination for locals looking to add flair to their bungalow, or, more likely, their rowhouse. This summer, you can make your kitchen even cooler, without buying brand new appliances and decor. Picture a huge warehouse full of everything you could ever want. From recycled doors, to granite countertops and fireplaces, Construction Junction is the first nonprofit in Western Pennsylvania that’s retail based. Someone’s trash is always someone else’s treasure.


If you need some new shorts or a pair of shades this season, we suggest avoiding the temptation to buy all new products. Instead, check out Avalon Exchange, Buffalo Exchange, Thriftique, and/or Goodwill. These stores are filled with unique finds, plenty of trendy clothes, and you can buy previously used clothes and accessories, keeping them out of landfills and in your closet.

Have a Green Thumb?


Want to become an advocate for urban gardens, farm to table school lunches, understand and protect soil quality in urban environments, and/or invest time in a great organization that holds the city and its residents to a higher, greener stander? Check out all the events that Grow Pittsburgh has planned this summer and into the fall. We like this organization because their staff members and advocates AND teachers.

Join the Movement

Pennsylvania Resources Council is always searching for ways to help focus green energy all across the city. For those community members that want to get involved in a hands-on way, join the Council’s recycling movement by handing out bins to locals. It’s a great way to get everyone involved and to continue to flex your green muscles.

Whatever you’re into, whether it’s more of a hands-on approach to keeping Pittsburgh a little greener, or if you prefer to work side-by-side with volunteers and organizers that strive to keep Pittsburgh moving forward, there’s more going on than ever before. From locals wanting to revamp their homes with reused materials, to making sure that our urban areas have more green and less concrete, there are a million ways to get involved. For more information on green events going on near you, or if you just want to know how and where to become a part of the sustainability and green movements overthrowing the our city, check out local calendars or look up the organizations listed above to get started!

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