Spotlight on Pittsburgh Cares: Resources, Community Engagement, and More

Pittsburgh just got voted the number one city for young people to live in. With its livability, strong character, and it’s many job opportunities, it’s no surprise that our lovely Steel City has become a sought after metropolis. However, nothing comes without hard work and people in are city are at the top of their game.

The ‘Burgh has always been one of those cities with an evolving, strong sense of community. No matter what neighborhood you stroll through, there’s always a distinct flavor and plenty of long-time and startup businesses. The pride that many locals have for Pittsburgh and the changes that the city has seen has fueled a continual push forward to make changes and raise awareness about to little things that would make Pittsburgh even greater.

If you’re interested in keeping Pittsburgh at its best, check out one of our favorite, local organizations, Pittsburgh Cares. While there are handfuls of organizations that help keep the city shining and growing, this 501 (c)3, founded in 1992, is doing a really killer job.

Who are they, and why should you become involved? SO glad you asked.

 Give Back in a Real Way

Pittsburgh Cares makes helping the community easy. They believe in a hands-on approach, where their volunteers are out in the community, seriously impacting their city and the people in it. This organization works with businesses and individuals who want to be more involved in helping others and making a difference. As a facilitator of volunteerism, Pittsburgh Cares is a fairly original organizational model.


Volunteering Made Easy

While there are always an overwhelming number of causes and philanthropic opportunities to choose from, it’s always a little easier to pick a volunteer job that you’re really interested in when you have options to choose from. That’s what their Opportunity Search and Opportunity Calendar are for! Whatever it is that you’re looking for, Pittsburgh Cares will make sure that you find a volunteer opportunity that fits you. If you have a busy schedule but are still looking to give back to the community in a real way, you can match dates with the free time that you have. Everyone wins!

 Nobody Gets Left Out

 However old or young you are, you can still make a difference. With two different programs, ranging from the very young to those with a little more life experience, Pittsburgh Cares makes sure that every single volunteer is included. Youth Engaged Services or Yes help connect volunteers, as young as five years old, to leadership opportunities and community engagement events. They also offer a Senior or Retired Volunteer Program that pairs volunteers with more developed leadership skills to programs and projects where they will meet like-minded peers.


Pittsburgh Cares, like so many other inspiring businesses and organizations in and around the 412 have been doing an incredible job at maintaining and giving back to the city that we all love so much. With its strong community engagement, it’s inclusiveness, and its overall assistance in matching volunteers, Pittsburgh Cares is a truly amazing nonprofit that we admire. 

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